The Verbatim thesis.

A decade ago, you could quickly launch a blog and call it a day.

Not anymore. Companies today are investing enormous amounts of capital to build organic content engines and owned media outlets.

In tandem, newsletter authors and one-person media companies have radically increased the bar for what truly great content looks like.

In the ongoing battle for attention, great content will always win. But, to have the best content, you need to tell the most compelling stories.

At Verbatim, we believe the most compelling stories come from conversation. Full stop.

Through our studio, we help teams translate their network into editorial assets, centered around exclusive interviews with operators, investors, founders, creators, and builders.

From a tactical lens, we ship dozens of pieces of content in a single week. As a result, we have actionable data around what formats, channels, and CTAs are driving conversion.

Genuine storytelling, paired with our unique focus on the commerce ecosystem, is what makes our model special. To learn more, drop us a line anytime. We can't wait to meet you.

Adrian Alfieri

Adrian Alfieri

Founder & CEO

Adrian is the founder at Verbatim and leads all studio operations. Previously, he spent three years investing in early-stage commerce and holds a Bachelor's from Brown University.

Vicky Phan

Vicky Phan

Head of Content

Vicky leads content at Verbatim. She holds a Bachelor’s from Brown, where she served as Copy Chief at The Brown Daily Herald and a writer at The College Hill Independent.