2022 Q3 Update: Sharing What's New at Verbatim!

Welcome to our second public quarterly update! Hyped to pull back the curtains a bit.

For our 2023 Q3 update, we break things down into four key categories: team, clients, capabilities, and overarching market trends. Let’s dive right in.

1. Team

Following our Q2 team doubling, content lead Jaya Blanchard and head of growth Jason Saltzman are fully up to speed and cranking. On the content front, we’re slowly expanding our client roster and taking on new companies across additional market verticals. I might be biased but, Jaya and Vicky are putting out content in the 99th percentile of what's on the internet.

On the growth front, we have added a few tweaks to our site and are scaling up our growth and internal marketing functions. We’ve been shipping tactical content across case studies, partner playbooks, and investor deep dives, along with some fun collabs with friends like Taylor over at Headline and Meera Clark over at Redpoint.

2. Clients

Q3 saw record client growth. We expanded upmarket (Series B, Series C) in addition to our early stage focus – and into new verticals like the future of work, fintech, and construction tech.

To highlight a few – we got with started a killer ERP automation platform, Recurrency, to launch their content function. Entering a new segment of construction SaaS, we’re working with Miter to drive education and social proof. And finally, our partnership with ChatGenie ramped up as we help the team create a new category around their innovative integrated chat tool for MSPs.

As we enter new markets, we continue to retain Verbatim’s original focus on commerce infrastructure, fintech, and B2B SaaS tools. In Q3, we extended our partnership with rapidly growing venture-backed companies like Dashworks, Black Crow, and Windsor, among others.

3. Capabilities

Our video creation capabilities continue to grow as we help more and more clients win with engaging content. This helps derive further value and asset versatility from the live, 1:1 interviews with client customers, partners, investors, or operators.

Video creation has become an incredibly important piece of the content engines we build and win across platforms – everywhere from LinkedIn to Instagram to email.

Even though Verbatim is just a year or so old – the algorithms continue to change dramatically, hence our internal focus on delivering native, spliced content for our clients to support top-of-funnel and social functions across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

While long-form is as important as ever for sales, BD, partnerships, fundraising, and a range of email campaigns and drip sequences, short-form content also serves a key purpose. We’re continuing to build out a suite of offerings here – watch this space :)

4. Market Trends

Q3 endured a deeper market downturn, which has a unique impact on early-stage companies looking to push forward GTM motions and set the stage for raising their next round of finance.

From our lens at Verbatim (and seeing real-time client results), we believe content will be a critical and cost-effective lever to tackle broad-based organic growth, sales, and marketing.

Both paid growth and performance spend for B2B companies continue to become more costly and less fruitful, with few remedies to last year's iOS changes on social channels. As these channels fail to deliver results, email, organic social, and editorial will become key GTM levers. 

On a personal note, while Verbatim’s core editorial engine continues to sit at the center of our studio – we’re incubating a handful of productized content-adjacent service offerings and SaaS tools to help founders build pipeline faster. Can’t share much right now, but lots in the works. 

More info coming soon :)

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