Building Content Engines for eCom Tech Startups

At Verbatim, we partner with fast-growing SaaS companies – with a focus on commerce and fintech infrastructure. For a bit of background – Verbatim’s origins lie in eCom infrastructure. 

From the start, we’ve focused on helping eCom enablement companies build, refine, and scale content engines – engines that in turn enable teams to help the best DTC brands win.

In this deep dive, we unpack how we help eCom infrastructure teams – both large and small – tell stories, build case studies, and shape narrative arcs in the modern commerce landscape.

PDQ’s Case Studies: Social Proof and Implementation

With the explosion of eCom, customers are shifting their spending habits online, so merchants have to find a way to replicate the in-store experience there.

With face-to-face shopping, the entirety of the logistics for fulfillment and delivery took place within a shopping bag. You take the item, put it in a shopping bag, and you’re done.

With eCom, that process is much more complex and forces brands to answer questions:

  • What's the product that's getting delivered, and how do we box it? 
  • Where's the customer, and how are we delivering their product? 
  • Are there any special shipping requirements?

Companies now realize there are many things they need to understand where previously they didn't pay much attention to business logistics.

PDQ needed to show brands that, if done correctly, delivery can improve profitability, customer experience, and customer retention, and ensure profitable transactions.

Due to the complexity of delivery, PDQ’s CEO Avi sees that there's education required for businesses to understand their options.

There isn’t a magic button to make the delivery experience awesome.

Understanding the relevant variables requires education. However, businesses are unique, so a flower shop, a clothing store, and a bakery will all have different needs. 

Avi highlights that merchants, like most entrepreneurs, need to see how their peers use PDQ and then draw parallels to their own brand to visualize how it can add value for them – case studies, enter stage left.

"Case studies help merchants understand that there is help out there that can come quickly, cost effectively, and make a material impact for the business." –  Avi Moskowitz, PDQ Co-Founder & CEO

Novel Drives Value and Revenue via Editorial-Led Education

As a part-eCom, part-web3 tool, Novel is building up a brand-new ecosystem that the average consumer knows little to nothing about. 

The team realized early on that, while there was a ton of demand for NFTs and what Novel was building, no one quite knew what it actually was or what to do with it. 

As such, content has become a de facto guide for Novel users to understand the larger ecosystem and learn how and where they, as brands, fit in. Anna, Novel’s CO-Founder and COO, highlights some use cases for their resource guides. For instance: 

  • Follow-ups — Every time a Novel team member ends a customer call, they’ll include links to Novel content that’s relevant to the reason for the call. 
  • User support — Novel articles can explain customer support questions in greater depth. 

Overall, strategic content (which can double as user resources) means the Novel customer experience doesn’t stop after the point of transaction or initial onboarding. 

The company can go further to actively educate and guide new users — without the lift of extra support team efforts — throughout their early days in web3. 

“There are three big segments where we win by leveraging content: credibility, guiding use cases for customers, and painting a picture of who we are at Novel.” – Anna Merzi, Novel Co-Founder & COO

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How Tydo Built an Omnipresent eCom Content Engine

Erin Falter originally connected with Adrian, Verbatim’s CEO, back when the studio was still just an idea. As two eCom operators, the pair maintained a relationship and shared tips, tricks, and trade secrets.

When looking to build a content function for Tydo, she knew our deep understanding of both content and the broader eCom landscape would be a valuable asset.

The True Power of Tactical Storytelling

In today's world, no matter what kind of business you are, if you aren't putting out value-add content, you aren't really doing marketing.

Because Tydo is focused on providing users with their basic data needs for free, content needs to accomplish three things: building trust, educating, and providing value. 

It must do all three at the same time — in a way that genuinely helps customers understand why they should even connect with Tydo to begin with. 

Erin had to overcome the fact that the company operates in a space that’s difficult for people to comprehend. Not only do you have to understand the larger eCom landscape, but all of the specific tools, components, and data elements involved are complicated 

Even more, as an enablement tool, Tydo doesn’t focus on boosting just one aspect of a client’s business. Their focus runs (almost) the entire eCom gamut. 

This means there are never-ending topics to discuss, but speakin on those topics in a way that’s simultaneously digestible, informative, and unique is hard to nail. 

“Simply put, Verbatim strikes the fine balance between providing technical info and distilling it into digestible, actionable content for readers.” – Erin Falter, Director of Marketing at Tydo

Verbatim’s eCom Experience Helped Disco Craft Its Narrative

When we turned the tables and asked Tara, Head of Content & Community at Disco, to describe working with Verbatim, she defined us as a content studio that specializes in crafting narratives and storytelling for eCom and DTC.

The immediate pain points we solved for Disco included:

  • Long-Term Impact — Building a content playbook that’ll be an evergreen marketing asset
  • Research Perks — Not only serving as a content team for Disco, but also as a makeshift user and market research team
  • True Professionalism — Having someone trustworthy to professionally interview high-profile brands and extract high-quality insights and content
  • In-House Reliability — Knowing scheduling, recording, writing, and all logistics would be taken care of in a timely, professional manner — just like having an in-house team

In her words: “Verbatim is a lean, mean content marketing machine.” 

Ultimately, Tara and the Disco team know they can rely on Verbatim for any content production needs from end to end, from strategy to ops to execution. 

“Verbatim is a full-service content studio. They’re super responsive and super engaged. It really feels like I have an extra set of hands on my team in-house.” – Tara Seruya, Head of Content & Community at Disco
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