How Nue.Life Built a Multi-Audience Content Engine

Nue Life Health is the next-generation mental wellness company and telemedicine platform delivering holistic psychedelic therapy programs in the comfort of patients’ homes.

The ketamine therapy programs also feature one-on-one coaching and extensive integration groups to support clients through lifestyle changes facilitated by ketamine experiences.

We sat down for a conversation with Claire Winters, Nue Life’s Head of Content, to hear how Verbatim has helped tackle the end-to-end content process, including:

  1. How interviewing high-profile guests generates social proof
  2. How an efficient editorial process takes the burden off of founding teams
  3. The overwhelming value of a truly embedded and collaborative partnership
“Verbatim aligned us with thought leaders to establish our brand in a way that helps destigmatize a treatment that can dramatically improve people's lives.”

How Nue Life Leveraged Content to Convey Its Brand

Innovating in any industry requires explanation and education. Innovating in healthcare requires even more effort to overcome misconceptions and drive adoption – to do so, content is crucial.

Claire emphasizes that, at its core, Nue Life is a healthcare company that delivers evidence-based treatment to patients in need, many with depression and anxiety who haven’t found relief with conventional antidepressants.

It’s imperative to emphasize to consumers and providers that they are not servicing people looking for a recreational experience.

Claire has worked across various healthcare companies and has seen that a sophisticated content machine is vital to helping patients get the most out of their treatment

Whether it's healthtech or traditional legacy healthcare, there’s a need for healthcare companies to pursue multiple content paths for both patient and provider education.

Telling Nue Life’s Story – The Future of Health

For Nue Life, the overarching goal of content is part of a larger initiative to create conditions for the brand – and its patients – to thrive. 

First and foremost, this means the content has to destigmatize ketamine.

Content has to make an at-home ketamine therapy model feel safe for providers and individuals – a high bar to overcome the stigma present in the psychedelic medicine community, the traditional medical community, and patients' minds.

Every day, Claire and the Nue Life team are thinking about how they can lean into the safety and efficacy of ketamine therapy and emphasize that the program maintains a high standard of care.

“Whether applied internally or externally, content is the way to facilitate conversations that build an understanding that we’re an evidence-based healthcare company.”

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How Verbatim Helped Nue Life Activate its Start-Studded Network

Double-clicking on how Nue Life tackles destigmatizing psychedelic-based healthcare, Claire emphasizes the value of how Verbatim creates content from interviews and conversations.

Making the most of a network of super high-profile individuals that are bought into the future of healthcare, interview-based content wins in a host of ways, including:

  1. Creating the foundation for people to trust Nue Life to solve serious pain points
  2. Naturally generating and embedding social proof in each piece of content
  3. Building brand partnerships and provider partnerships

Nue Life has a dual approach to content that meets end users and providers where they are. 

Interviews with trailblazing guests, such as Rick Doblin, help do precisely that. That said, Claire has found that the Verbatim pieces get a lot more engagement on LinkedIn and Twitter, as the go-to business-to-business platforms.

In her words, “These are your thought leadership platforms. And the Verbatim interview-based pieces have generated tremendous ROI by having these thought leaders talk about our work.”

Many providers are curious about what Nue Life is doing but often have to overcome initial objections such as:

  • Their own preexisting stigma about psychedelics
  • Worries that patients will think they’re a “drug pusher” if they are a psychiatrist offering ketamine programs

Having intelligent discussions with people like Andrey Ostrovsky and Rick Doblin facilitates better conversations across the B2B space.

When Nue Life onboards a new consultant, Claire recommends these pieces to help set the tone for what psychedelic-based therapy, and by extension Nue Life, has to offer.

How to Build Content That Speaks to Customer Pain Points

Claire puts it simply, “Nue Life is meeting our clients in a very serious pain point.” Often, clients come to Nue Life in what they feel is a “last resort” to find relief from depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Unsurprisingly, people who have tried more traditional therapies with little to no success are interested in the promise of a solution to what is a literal pain point.

Ketamine, unlike many SSRIs, works very quickly as an antidepressant, sometimes within the same day as the initial treatment.

“Our most successful content dials right into that pain point, and lets experts, existing clients, and practitioners show how Nue Life can provide a solution.”

Verbatim’s Edge: Speed and Quality of Execution

Nue Life launched in November. Claire shared that by the time she was looking for a content partner in the late winter, “A lot of us were a little tired.”

As the head of content, trying to drive a machine that always needs more fuel, Claire stresses the importance of partnering with our team, who have “abundant energy and appetite to drive the content function forward and to be very proactive, enthusiastic collaborators.”

She had expected competency and skill but shared that the enthusiasm and energy were added benefits that brought stability and inspiration to the in-house team.

The Value of Energy & Proactive Partners

With that enthusiasm, one of the things that has been the most important for the Nue Life team is the speed at which we executed the content process.

From getting interviews scheduled to running the interview to transcription to draft to final handoff, Claire shares that the speed and quality of the logistics were exceptional.

Claire synced with Verbatim on a weekly cadence and stressed the value of 24/7 availability to communicate via Slack to ensure that the editorial process met Nue Life’s marketing goals.

She shares that she would frequently ask to double down on certain guest responses, seeing if we could reach out again to deepen the conversation and fill gaps in the Nue Life content library – ensuring content fulfilled the needs of clients and thought leaders in the community.

The Verbatim interviews also served to enhance the relationships between the interview subjects and Nue Life, enabling the growing Nue Life team to better know thought leaders in the space. In fact, Nue Life has recently hired one of the Verbatim subjects as a top-level consultant.

Claire expects that the interviews will continue to act as introductions and common touch points, strengthening Nue Life’s relationships in multiple contexts and platforms.

“The logistics were organized, and the willingness to go deeper whenever possible drove more and more value across the content and the partnership.”
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