How Verbatim Helped Tydo Build a Universal Presence

Tydo is the business intelligence platform optimizing eCom businesses at every stage through comprehensive reports, data visualizations, insights, and more. 

We sat down with Erin Falter, Director of Marketing at Tydo, to jam on how the company built its content engine with Verbatim. She covers topics like: 

  1. Recruiting and onboarding in-house content talent, step by step
  2. Building a playbook to generate a universal digital presence
  3. Content’s role as an asset and marketing cornerstone
“The Verbatim team genuinely cares about the quality of the entire content process. They’re always willing to go above and beyond.”

How to Build a Content Engine from Scratch

Erin connected with Adrian, Verbatim’s CEO, back when the studio was still just an idea. As two eCom operators, the pair maintained a relationship and shared tips, tricks, and trade secrets.

When looking to build a content function for Tydo, she knew our deep understanding of both content and the broader eCom landscape would be a valuable asset.

Blending Marketing Tactics

Erin doesn't come from a traditional tech background. Rather, she launched her career with the social media boom, then got into eCom — working with ventures on the branding side. 

Her brand experience has thus given her a unique perspective on the wide-spanning importance of content. In her words, “Content is everything.” 

She emphasizes that in today's world, no matter what kind of business you are if you aren't putting out value-add content, you aren't really doing marketing.

So, as Erin contemplated the early challenge of how to market Tydo and internally run marketing, she knew content would be absolutely necessary from the get-go. 

Because Tydo is focused on providing users with their basic data needs for free, content needs to accomplish three things: building trust, educating, and providing value. 

It must do all three at the same time — in a way that genuinely helps customers understand why they should even connect with Tydo, to begin with. 

Tactical Storytelling

To build that trust and tell the Tydo story, Erin knew she had to overcome the fact that the company operates in a space that’s difficult for people to articulate well.

Not only do you have to understand the larger eCom landscape, but all of the specific tools, components, and data elements involved are also complicated. Things can get messy. 

Even more, as an enablement tool, Tydo doesn’t focus on boosting just one aspect of a client’s business. Their focus runs (almost) the entire eCom gamut. 

This means there are never-ending topics to be discussed, but articulating complex info in a way that’s simultaneously digestible, informative and accurate, and unique is hard to nail. 

For Erin, a huge part of Verbatim's immediate value and impact on this front was the fact that: 

  • The content didn’t need a ton of technical or factual revisions
  • Tydo didn’t have to waste time getting Verbatim up to speed on background
“Simply put, Verbatim strikes the fine balance between providing technical info and distilling it into digestible, actionable content for readers.” 

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Tydo’s Network-First Approach to Social Proof

Before Verbatim, Tydo didn't have any content system or process in place.

Even then, Erin points out that creating Tydo’s initial content playbook within their broader marketing machine was seamless, easy, and a no-brainer — thanks to Verbatim. 

She mentions the “aha moment” she had when Adrian explained the Verbatim approach: 

  1. Leverage networks for content by having conversations
  2. Record those conversations to turn them into articles
  3. Execute and ship insight-laden industry content

This simplified the overcomplicated way people tend to think about long-form content.

Historically, “long-form” has meant either mediocre articles that people don't want to read, or fully fleshed out articles that cost a lot of money, time, and research. 

In comparison, the Verbatim style and process were so straightforward and scalable that Erin was immediately sold on the value of approaching content in that format. 

In terms of how this content has since impacted aspects of both Tydo’s marketing and business, Erin highlights how Verbatim’s work has: 

  • Added mutually beneficial value to partnerships
  • Been repurposed for micro-content to boost top-of-funnel social marketing
  • Helped Tydo “be everywhere” on the web and generate a massive digital presence

Content gives Tydo something to discuss across marketing channels, providing value to both broader communities in the ecosystem and potential client brands in the funnel. 

Multiple Use Cases

As a tech enablement product requiring cross-platform integrations to function, Tydo’s partnerships team has a deeply integral role in the company. 

On that front, Verbatim’s emphasis on interviews with network partners presents a mutually beneficial point for these relationships: 

  • Tydo’s partners receive high-quality press and content featuring their work and team
  • Tydo receives traffic from their partners’ audiences, on top of repurposable content

Beyond partnerships and clients, Erin touches on other use cases for content. From internal messaging to raising from investors, content has become the backbone of marketing efforts. 

  • Tydo can advertise long-form content across their socials and email marketing to bring people to their site, giving a greater reason for audience members to follow and engage. 
  • As mentioned, content done in collaboration and partnership with individuals fosters a network effect for word of mouth and co-amplification. 
  • This content presence gives Tydo more credibility and a “truly informed, intelligent voice”

Erin affirms that content is the fuel allowing Tydo to move the engine along, driving impact across omnichannel marketing efforts — and setting the stage for how Tydo shows up. 

“All in all, having this content in place has definitely helped build our credibility and awareness within the broader eCom tech landscape.” 

Why Verbatim’s Studio Model Fit Tydo Perfectly

Throughout her professional life, Erin has worked with a lot of agencies. She even started her career at one, which gave her a deep understanding of the value agencies can bring.

While many agencies have a level of domain expertise and can cater extensively to their clients — it’s different from having the dynamic of a full-time, in-house employee. 

The value of in-house is the ownership and quality of the work. But while employees care more about the content, the service is less tailored and the industry experience is often less extensive. 

For Erin, Verbatim bridges the gap: providing employee ownership alongside agency service. She could bring in deep expertise to build while managing early-stage financial constraints. 

Built with the End in Mind

Tydo is one of the best examples of how we like to operate. We come in early on to build the playbook, but we’re perhaps most excited when we get to hand it off to someone. 

Erin knew Tydo wouldn’t work with Verbatim forever. The relationship was intended to set Tydo up for long-term, independent success by putting end-to-end content processes in place. 

It was then imperative to have somebody come on and take over those foundational processes. 

Rachel Cantor is Tydo’s current in-house content lead — previously spending time at Morning Brew building out their first lifestyle-focused newsletter, Sidekick. Critically, she had exposure to Tydo’s content through past collaborations with the Verbatim operations team.

Knowing that Rachel could effectively write for Tydo’s audience and was already invested in the landscape, Tydo’s work, and the content being created, Erin saw an incredible fit. 

When Rachel joined Tydo full-time, Adrian ensured she could run the end-to-end system on her own, continuing the well-oiled machine that Verbatim started. 

Since then, Rachel has continued to scale and upgrade Tydo’s core content engine.

“Verbatim’s playbook and process meant our in-house team was up to speed at a cadence that would’ve taken months without those foundations in place.”
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