The Role of Pillar Content Across the Buyer Journey

At Verbatim, we’re big believers that content is one of the highest ROI growth levers for early-stage companies. Content is insanely versatile - it can be used across top-of-funnel marketing campaigns, mid-funnel sales, outbound BD, and email nurturing sequences.

Current Verbatim clients and industry operators gave us the scoop on how content aids everything from awareness to conversion:

  1. Tara Seruya on how Disco uses content at the top of the funnel
  2. Avi Moskowitz on how PDQ leverages Verbatim content to drive conversion
  3. Karine Hsu on how content facilitates touchpoints throughout the buyer journey
“Content drives awareness and traffic on blogs, facilitates touchpoints in paid or drip campaigns, and serves as an educational tool when customers are making buying decisions.” – Karine Hsu, Partner at Slope

How Disco Uses Content to Effortlessly Drive Acquisition

As Disco launches new product features and drives awareness, Tara considers content the flexible asset that builds the core network of both brands and shoppers utilizing the platform. 

With little-to-no paid or digital marketing efforts so far, the vast majority of referral sources that drive acquisition or leads to Disco’s website have been through content.

Even acquisitions that happen through social or word-of-mouth from investors tend to leverage content as a key driver of that consumer funnel. 

After all, says Tara, a lot of the traction Disco’s experienced isn’t even a result of direct efforts. 

Instead, it's from people chatting and generating buzz on Twitter and LinkedIn about their tech stack and the challenges of growth marketing in the DTC world. 

Disco always shows up in those discussions – the content they put out leads people to them.  

Content enables Disco to engage in those conversations by easily spotlighting the incredible success rocketship brands have gained through their product. Tara’s found it inspiring to see how their client brands articulate the value of Disco even better than she can. 

“What's beautiful about Verbatim’s work is that it's evergreen, long-form content. We can cut it up in different ways and recycle and repurpose it over time.” – Tara Seruya, Head of Content & Community at Disco

How PDQ Capitalizes on Social Proof for Education and Conversion

Because shipping and delivery are an afterthought for many eCom brands, PDQ has to demonstrate how delivery can improve profitability, customer experience, and customer retention while ensuring profitable transactions.

The complexity of delivery means education is required for businesses to understand their options.

There isn’t a magic button for awesome delivery. There are many moving parts, including:

  • Notifying the customer and keeping them updated with the progress
  • How brands present their delivery promise to the customer upfront
  • Delivering within the promised window at the lowest possible cost
  • The ability to make accurate but aggressive promises
  • Seeing the delivery as an opportunity to upsell

Understanding these variables requires education. 

However, businesses are unique, so a flower shop, a clothing store, and a bakery will all have different needs. They will approach these complex requirements from different perspectives to understand logistics, fulfillment, and delivery.

Avi highlights that merchants, like most entrepreneurs, need to see how their peers use PDQ to draw parallels to their own brands and realize PDQ’s value.

Content that simultaneously leverages social proof while educating through real-world, successful implementation is vital to conversion.

If a buyer can’t visualize how your product helps them succeed, why would they convert?

"Case studies help merchants understand that there is help out there that can come quickly, cost-effectively, and make a material impact for the business." – Avi Moskowitz, Co-Founder & CEO at PDQ

Karine Hsu’s Tips to Diversify Your Full-Funnel Content

Content doesn’t just help companies drive awareness. 

It can foster more high-touch engagements by featuring partners, investors, or just friends throughout their ecosystems. 

Karine helps Slope’s clients aim for a mix of content to serve the full customer journey with an emphasis on writing to address different intentions across the top and middle of the funnel. 

For Slope’s own content, Karine will typically aim content toward startups who may not know about the agency, who may be about to hop on a call, or who just want to learn more about their client approach. 

She also highlights how companies can win with highly strategic, internally produced content and independent employee posting. For instance: 

  1. Long-form B2B plays — Company-curated content speaks more to how potential customers think, what they’re thinking about, and what matters to them as a buyer. 
  2. Personal social content — This serves to keep your company top of mind, nurturing existing user interest and proving thought leadership in the space. 
“Focus on high-quality, evergreen posts. You can always take topics from old posts and double-click later to speak to specific customer needs.” – Karine Hsu, Partner at Slope

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