Why Disco Chose Verbatim to Ramp Up Organic Content

Today, we’re sitting down with Tara Seruya, the Head of Content & Community at Disco, to learn how the company leverages content to bring both brands and buyers into its network. 

Disco’s network of brands is an alternative way for modern brands to partner up and drive sustainable growth, rather than rely on increasingly pricey paid marketing channels. 

As a marketing team of one, Tara explains how Verbatim has helped Disco unlock multiple phases of growth. We touch on topics like: 

  1. Content’s multiple roles in growing awareness, credibility, and community
  2. The initial intro to Verbatim and the all-inclusive onboarding process
  3. How Verbatim’s model and team help startups win with content
“Verbatim’s content engine quickly became our most powerful marketing channel. It is the key to growth for both Disco and our client brands.”

End-to-End Ownership

We were first introduced to Disco through Dean Bakes, their Chief of Staff and long-time friend of Verbatim’s CEO. Naturally, Dean turned to us when it was time to build and scale content. 

Dean introduces us to reps at brands, investors, and friends of Disco to run interviews. Beyond introductions, Tara highlights how we work independently, without any real hand-holding.


Tara emphasizes that onboarding was a truly professional operation spanning:

  • An initial set of kick-off calls
  • Content calendar development
  • Owning interview setup and deliverables

From the word “go,” her onboarding experience gave her confidence that we would more than adequately solve the challenges she faced as a one-person marketing team.


In Tara’s words, the execution was “absolutely flawless.”

From kickoff and strategy to connecting with brands and leading interviews independently to creating a final cut and social copy, Tara felt like she had an in-house content studio that was:

  • Constantly coming up with creative ideas to optimize the whole content engine
  • Eager to take initiative and organized enough to see it through
  • Deeply embedded and super responsive on Slack
  • Laying a foundation for future growth

As Disco builds out their full-time marketing team, Tara is confident they can use all of the content we’ve created as a foundation to spin up many different types of pieces.

“Having Verbatim as an asset has been incredible. We wouldn't have been able to get Disco’s content function off the ground without them.” 

Content to Drive Acquisition

As Disco launches new product features and drives awareness, Tara considers content the flexible asset that builds the core network of both brands and shoppers utilizing the platform. 

With little-to-no paid or digital marketing efforts so far, the vast majority of referral sources that drive acquisition or leads to Disco’s website have been through content.

Even acquisitions that happen through social or word-of-mouth from investors tend to leverage content as a key driver of that consumer funnel. 

After all, says Tara, a lot of the traction Disco’s experienced isn’t even a result of direct efforts. 

Instead, it's from people chatting and generating buzz on Twitter and LinkedIn about their tech stack and the challenges of growth marketing in the DTC world.

Disco always shows up in those discussions. More specifically, Disco content is always linked on those social threads. 

As such, she affirms that content enables Disco to engage in those conversations by easily spotlighting the incredible success rocketship brands have gained through their product. 

For Tara, it’s been genuinely inspiring to read through case studies and see how their client brands can articulate the value of Disco better than she can. 

“What's beautiful about Verbatim’s work is that it's evergreen, long-form content. We can cut it up in different ways and recycle and repurpose it over time.”

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Case Studies as User & Community Research

The trend Tara’s observed across all of these threads, forums, and case studies is that, while many clients come for lower CACs, they stay for the community aspect.

They stay because they realize they're identifying all of these lucrative partnerships across categories. They’re also often surprised by which external categories perform well for them. 

Disco can reveal this buried data as the added value beyond net-new customer acquisitions.

As Tara puts it, if it weren't for the case studies and conversations around the content franchises Disco has built with Verbatim, it would've been hard to identify these user learnings.

As a SaaS company and a data company, it’s difficult to articulate the value of community.

As a result, Verbatim content is a powerful branding and messaging tool because the interviewees from each case study authentically articulate the pain points they face day-to-day.

Whether they're a growth marketer, performance marketer, eCom manager, or partnerships marketer, they dissect the challenges they face in their personal role at their brand.

Then, they provide unique examples of how Disco has offered solutions to their problems. 

As Disco builds their product roadmap and continues to refine the products they already have, content and case studies truly inform and impact how Tara and the team design their strategies.

“Through interviews and content, Verbatim hones in on how Disco creates magic for these brands, creates value that they had never really anticipated.” 

Winning with Verbatim

When we turned the tables and asked Tara to describe working with Verbatim, she defined us as a content studio that specializes in crafting narratives and storytelling for eCom and DTC.

The immediate pain points we solved for her included:

  • Long-Term Impact — Building a content playbook that’ll be an evergreen marketing asset
  • Research Perks — Not only serving as a content team for Disco, but also as a makeshift user and market research team
  • True Professionalism — Having someone trustworthy to professionally interview high-profile brands and extract high-quality insights and content
  • In-House Reliability — Knowing scheduling, recording, writing, and all logistics would be taken care of in a timely, professional manner — just like having an in-house team

In her words: “Verbatim is a lean, mean content marketing machine.” 

Ultimately, Tara and the Disco team know they can rely on Verbatim for any content production needs from end to end, from strategy to ops to execution. 

“Verbatim is a full-service content studio. They’re super responsive and super engaged. It really feels like I have an extra set of hands on my team in-house.” 
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