Why Ommyx Chose Verbatim to Spearhead GTM Content

Through data science and ML, Ommyx is your second brain for using biological, physiological, and lifestyle data to create unique insights and actionable recommendations for maximizing performance and healthspan

We sat down with David Mehlman, Founder of Ommyx and an OG Verbatim client, to learn how Ommyx built its content function from the ground up. He dives into how Verbatim: 

  1. Went “above and beyond” to build landing pages, campaigns, and more
  2. Created long-term value for Ommyx through a content engine
  3. Illustrated, refined, and delivered the Ommyx story
“Leveraging all of their experience, Verbatim spins up a content strategy and the execution of that strategy in the fastest, most capital-efficient way possible.” 

Why Ommyx Leveraged Content as a Core Differentiator

David summarizes Ommyx as a way to apply predictive data to optimize human performance, helping users create the best possible lifestyle they can for their unique health. 

The app applies equally to pro athletes and everyday people. The latter might not be aiming to set a record in a triathlon, but rather to boost their mid-afternoon energy or to sleep better. 

In the health and wellness industry, there are plenty of siloed products that tell you the “what” (you’re not sleeping well, you’re eating too much, etc.) but won’t tell you the “why” or the “how” to improve it. 

That’s where Ommyx comes in: to sit above all of these data collection devices and companies and leverage that info to create tangible lifestyle changes for users. 

How Content Tells This Story

David explains that content is crucial to Ommyx’s value prop for one simple reason: He gets asked all the time who their competitors are. 

He finds himself answering, "It's not a who, it's a what." Ommyx is fighting against the desensitized nature of consumers whose BS meters are at an all-time high. 

They've been lied to by the health and wellness and performance industries for so long about: 

  • “Hey, buy this supplement. It’ll cure all your problems.” 
  • “Eat only these things.” “Never eat those things.” 
  • “This is the only workout you need to be doing.” 

All of this has led users to a point of tremendous distrust of fads, shortcuts, and products in general. This means Ommyx’s biggest competitor is the negative experiences people have had to date. 

“The best way to beat out competitors is through content that educates people about Ommyx, how it works, and why it’s uniquely trustworthy.” 

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The Verbatim Partnership: Investing in Content From Day One

Ommyx is still a young company. As David summarizes it: They didn’t switch to Verbatim. Verbatim has been with them since day one. 

Turning Shared Passion Into Partnership

David first connected with Adrian, Verbatim’s CEO, via Twitter. Over coffee, the two explained what they were each building, and the conversation evolved into how Verbatim could help. 

David knew content was super important but didn't have the dire need (or the expansive budget) to hire a full-time content team given the life cycle of the product and the business. 

However, having been a long-time fan of The Proof, David understood Adrian’s affinity for wellness and his abilities as an interviewer and storyteller. It was a natural fit from the start. 

Verbatim became the first embedded team member outside of Ommyx’s co-founders, helping build content strategy, execute and editorialize interviews, and display them on their website. 

Going Beyond a Playbook

David made the most of having a deeply embedded studio team, leveraging our expertise, capabilities, and ownership beyond the content itself. 

As he puts it, Ommyx required a lot of assistance with a limited budget. And Verbatim stepped up in a huge way by never saying, “This is outside our scope of work.” Aside from content, we: 

  • Built out various parts of the Ommyx website
  • Worked with Zapier to set up referral UTMs and a waitlist
  • Posted and formatted blogs written by David through their CMS

Verbatim went beyond simply running interviews or writing content, instead serving as a full end-to-end solution for everything content-related and user-facing. 

Carrying out that ownership early on was invaluable, explains David, since Ommyx didn’t have the resources to hire explicitly for content, web dev, growth and customer acquisition, etc. 

He also emphasizes that Verbatim took on all elements of the user journey — from the way the site looked to actual written content to user tracking to driving category awareness. 

For David, Verbatim championed a willingness to always experiment in new verticals, to learn as well as to teach, and to be as helpful to clients as possible in any and every way. 

“Verbatim really went above and beyond. They helped out in every possible way when it came to the experience users were having on the Ommyx site.” 

The Compound Value of Evergreen Pillar Content

David looks back at the Verbatim-Ommyx partnership through two key lenses: 

  1. Gaining essential learnings around content
  2. Laying a rock-solid foundation for the next steps in content
1. Influential Early Findings

In David’s opinion, perhaps the most crucial value Verbatim provided was how we helped Ommyx figure out and define its voice. This experimental process brought about discoveries like: 

  • How Ommyx wanted to utilize content on their site
  • How they wanted to portray interviews with industry pros
  • What types of questions and topics they wanted to spotlight
  • How to editorialize answers to both inform and convert readers

David credits us with “building the rails” for Ommyx to run a content vertical in the first place. 

In his words: While the value of having Verbatim to execute is not 100% replicable, there comes a point where there’s a clear enough playbook to totally own the content process yourself. 

2. Flexible Partnerships for Dynamic Startups

An end goal for most startups is bringing the content function Verbatim builds in-house. That being said, there’s often a long runway before a young company can hire a head of content. 

In David’s experience, early-stage tech companies have numerous bridges to cross before they can even consider hiring in-house, aside from lean operations and product teams. 

In Ommyx’s case, it didn’t make sense to continue putting out content in between their original pilot and upcoming beta. That time period would simply be too long. 

Potential users might read some interesting content, but by the time Ommyx would be ready to ship the product, those readers might have totally forgotten the platform. 

The Shopify of eCom Content

With this, David doesn’t think the door on Verbatim and Ommyx is closed forever. In fact, he says it’s likely we’ll be back to keep building on that initial foundation once the beta goes live. 

Even though the Ommyx product roadmap called for a temporary pause, David affirms that this pause wasn’t a graduation from Verbatim. 

He draws an analogy. Verbatim is to Ommyx as Shopify is to an early-stage eCommerce company. In other words: “They help you do what you need to do.” 

By leveraging our deep expertise as writers, interviewers, and content strategists, Verbatim takes the heavy lifting off your hands to build your first content functions in a “no-code” way. 

“Verbatim simply understands Ommyx — from the early idea stage to where we are today. They’ve helped build the rails for content delivery and execution.”
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