Build a content engine that drives revenue

Verbatim is a content studio helping 100+ startups launch content engines. Our job is simple: turn content into a revenue driver.

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How it works

We run your end-to-end content operation: strategy, execution, and distribution. Our north star is driving attributable revenue. Full stop. If we're not growing your revenue, we're not doing our job.



We build your content strategy and editorial calendar from scratch to align with your market niche, product positioning, and customer persona.



We own the content process from start to finish, spanning expert interviews, drafting, editing, final cut logistics, and CMS deployment.



We ship and optimize content assets across three core channels: on-site, social, and email. Our team owns the content distribution from end-to-end.

Who we work with

We've worked with 100+ startups and launched 75+ content functions to market.


Brian Sugar

GP at Sugar Capital

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adrian for many of our portfolio companies. Verbatim’s content is delightful and effective. Highly recommend.”

Dean Bakes

Chief of Staff at Disco

“Verbatim’s execution is flawless. The team is scary good. From kickoff to strategy, outreach to interviews and social copy, their quality is unparalleled.”

Chaz Flexman

CEO at Starday Foods

“Verbatim nailed our content. But they also plugged us directly into their ecosystem, constantly making new introductions. That value is priceless.”

Kennan Davison

CEO at Skio

“Working with Verbatim has been critical in generating word of mouth (responsible for most of our growth). Highly recommend working with their team!”

Chris Quinn

GP at Mute Ventures

“I tell every founder I invest in to work with Adrian. Content is crucial for GTM and word-of-mouth growth, and Verbatim is the only shop doing it right.”

Erin Falter

Director of Marketing at Tydo

“Verbatim feels like having a full-time employee on your team. The team genuinely cares about the quality of the entire content process and are always willing to go above and beyond.”

Steph Liu

CEO at Levitate Foundry

“Adrian is one of the hardest working operators I know. Full stop. He deeply cares about the people he works with and will do anything to help them win.”

Roger Beaman

CEO at Novel

“In a noisy digital world, Verbatim is a turnkey solution that ensures your brand delivers a clear signal to customers through content that actually converts.”

Oliver Citrin

Chief Business Officer at Goody

“Verbatim asks the right questions and understands the nuances of a fast-moving startup. Our content playbook at Goody stems from Verbatim’s original strategy."

Meg Lyons

Head of Growth at Polywork

“Verbatim builds end-to-end content machines that deliver real value. Critically, their team is completely full-service. That’s where many agencies fall short.”

Jonathan Smalley

Founder at Yaguara

“Verbatim is in a league of its own. The team moves at an insanely fast clip and fully owns the day-to-day execution. I really can’t recommend them enough.”

Scott Sonneborn

CEO at Tydo

“Adrian is relentless. He’s constantly testing new channels. More importantly, his access to the commerce ecosystem is unparalleled. He sees everything.”

Who we are

We’re a lean, remote-first team comprised of experienced writers and operators.

Adrian Alfieri
Founder & CEO

Adrian is the founder at Verbatim and leads all studio operations. Previously, he spent three years investing in early-stage commerce and holds a Bachelor's from Brown University in Social Innovation.

Vicky Phan
Head of Content

Vicky leads content at Verbatim. She holds a Bachelor’s in Literary Arts from Brown University, where she served as a staff writer for The College Hill Independent and as Copy Chief at The Brown Daily Herald.

Jaya Blanchard
Content Lead

Jaya holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science from UC Berkeley, where she wrote for the Berkeley Political Review. Outside of her role at Verbatim, she enjoys novels, journalism, and hiking.

Launch a 7-figure content function in less than 30 days

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