How Factored Quality increased pipeline by 22% with Verbatim

Learn how Factored Quality, the rapidly growing YC-backed QC platform for ecommerce brands, worked with Verbatim to build a scalable content engine that generates pipeline and converts leads.

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Build a content engine that generates pipeline

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“It's been about 3 months since we started with Verbatim and the experience has already been a game changer. We got from zero to one solo, but Verbatim’s playbook has been what got us from one to ten. It should be a no-brainer to work with Verbatim.”

Prince Ghosh
CEO at Factored Quality


Factored Quality needed a scalable content engine that drives consistent, repeatable pipeline growth

Before Verbatim, Factored Quality managed all responsibilities in-house. And for a year, their approach was working. Through top-of-funnel connections and social posts on LinkedIn, the team acquired 100 customers organically. Yet, as tasks increased, they found it hard to achieve results without a systemic approach.

Factored Quality needed a structured go-to-market playbook that would lift up their business  and preserve authenticity. Fortunately, their fellow founders had the perfect solution. Enter: Verbatim.

“Developing a first-class product has always been our bread-and-butter. So, when we started thinking about scale, we realized we have no idea how to create a long-term strategy. We had heard a lot about Verbatim so we gave them a shot. We haven’t looked back since.”


Verbatim delivers growth on autopilot: more leads without the overhead

As a young company, Factored Quality were looking for two things in a content agency: efficient execution and high-level expertise. Although the team knew outsourcing often fails to capture both, one call with us was all it took to convince them otherwise.

Leveraging our expertise in SaaS and eCom, Verbatim created a content engine that replicates Factored Quality’s voice and lifts their brand in the ecosystem. With a structured playbook in place, the team could finally focus on what they do best – building bulletproof quality control systems.

While premium content that scales has always been a top priority, Factored Quality highlights that their biggest win has been Verbatim’s support. As Prince Ghosh, Co-Founder and CEO at Factored Quality, shares, “Verbatim is not just another agency – they are part of our in-house team.” And the feeling has been mutual.

“Consistent inbound leads is one of the most powerful ways to grow in the B2B ecosystem and Verbatim is our secret sauce."


Verbatim's content engine drove 22% pipeline growth in under 3 months

Since teaming up with us, Factored Quality have seen a significant increase in both their customers and their social reach on LinkedIn. As Prince explains, “When clients share our case studies, we get to tap into their entire network – many of whom are potential customers.

Andrew Hoagland, FQ's Head of Revenue, adds that "The peace of mind know that week in week out we will be producing high quality content geared towards our ICP is invaluable. I love work with with the team at Verbatim."

Here is a snapshot of the results so far:

Looking forward, Prince is excited about two things: sharing Factored Quality’s expertise and leveraging their SaaS partnerships. Both of them would need expert-level content that scales without losing authenticity. And Verbatim will be there to provide it.

“When time is your most precious asset, you need a team that understands your market and goals from the get-go. With Verbatim, we feel like we have found a partner who can support us as we continue to grow.”