How FERMÀT boosted pipeline by 30% in 3 months with Verbatim

Learn how FERMÀT teamed up with Verbatim to level up how they create, test, and iterate on content — ultimately saving time for their in-house team and multiplying leads in the pipeline.

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“We used to do our content in-house with zero visibility into what works across the industry. Verbatim has brought us an incredible amount of eCommerce expertise, and they’re always testing out new ideas. Working with their team has been a huge win for us.”

Rishabh Jain


FERMÀT wanted to level up their content without breaking the bank

The FERMÀT team used to believe content was only a tool for attracting customers. Take it from Rishabh Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of FERMÀT: “We thought we were doing well with content because we had case studies.” Everything changed when he discovered the type of content that Tydo, the leading data-as-a-service provider, was publishing — all with Verbatim’s help.

While FERMÀT already had an in-house content function, it felt inefficient, time-consuming, and limited compared to what Verbatim had created for Tydo. Rishabh had been resistant to outsourcing in the past, as too many vendors and agencies tend to provide lackluster, overpriced results. But something about Verbatim felt different.

So, he called up a mutual contact to see how outsourcing to the right partner might level up FERMÀT’s content. Little did he know that phone call was just the tip of the iceberg.

“Before Verbatim, content was always just a means to an end. You write it, you post it, and that’s as far it can go. Now, we understand that there’s a massive upside to being excellent at content — in more ways than one.”


Because the Verbatim team are experts in the B2B SaaS and eCom realms, Rishabh reports we hit the ground running from day one — no drawn-out onboarding or hand-holding required. Since then, FERMÀT has benefited from the Verbatim solution in two major ways.

Benefit #1: Verbatim accelerates content testing for busy startups

Testing your content is critical to avoid wasting time and dollars. Yet, to test effectively, you need two things that startups often lack in-house: quick turnarounds and deep industry expertise. So, when FERMÀT partnered with Verbatim, they were impressed by just how quickly we can strategize, launch, test, and iterate on new content formats.

As a result, Rishabh’s team could maximize customer reach and diversify their distribution channels. In his words, “Verbatim has this incredible eCom knowledge that allows them to test ideas almost instantly.”  

Benefit #2: Verbatim’s content builds social proof to drive reach and leads

According to Rishabh, what differentiates content by Verbatim is our ability to build social proof and relatability. For a long time, the FERMÀT team struggled to create content with a purpose. Today, since partnering with Verbatim, they see content production as an efficient process with a clear goal and outcome: more reach, more leads, and more revenue.

“Verbatim’s startup knowledge of is a game-changer. We would never have been able to test the same amount of formats at the same rate. Their team has pulled off so many things that would be impossible for us to implement in-house.”


FERMÀT gains a scalable content engine that amplifies lead generation

Teaming up with Verbatim has not only driven short-term lead gen, but also transformed FERMÀT’s overall growth strategy with a lean, scalable content engine. As Rishabh tells it, “Verbatim’s framework is valuable not because it drives revenue, but because it’s durable and scalable.” Here’s a snapshot of the results we’ve helped them drive so far:

Looking ahead, Rishabh highlights the Verbatim team’s open mind and bias toward action — two traits of an ideal long-term partner in this industry. “Verbatim’s content framework is the backbone of our outreach strategy,” explains Rishabh. “Every time I think about content now, I ask myself what I want to achieve with it.”

“I don't see content from an outcome perspective anymore. I think about it in terms of process and scale. You don't always know what style will hook which customer. The acknowledgement of the not-knowing and the decision to test multiple styles is part of what makes Verbatim so valuable in the long run.”