How Novel boosted revenue by 20% with Verbatim

Learn how Verbatim kickstarted a content engine for Novel, the platform that lets Shopify merchants launch their own branded Apple and Google wallet pass that lives in their customers wallet

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“In a noisy digital world, Verbatim is a turnkey solution that ensures your brand delivers a clear signal to customers through content that actually converts.”

Roger Beaman
CEO at Novel


Novel needed to provide market education in a new category within the Shopify ecosystem.

As the first business to offer wallet passes to Shopify brands, Novel knew it would need to educate the market on its value. While customers had a basic understanding of wallet passes from airline ticket boarding passes, it was challenging to communicate the benefits of a wallet pass from a loyalty and consumer engagement standpoint. As such, Novel needed to share stories with the Shopify ecosystem of how brands successfully utilized the Novel wallet pass for rewards and retention.

That’s when Roger Beaman, Novel’s Co-Founder and CEO, approached Verbatim with one main goal: Create content to establish credibility and educate newcomers in an emerging space, without relying on internal support resources.

“Content becomes your first point of contact with the outside world after you launch. With Verbatim, we managed to get high-quality content ready to go across all socials and on-site in no time.”


Verbatim’s content engine helped industry newcomers feel comfortable and intrigued by Novel’s solution.

Verbatim’s conversational content production model clicked perfectly with Novel’s mission to gain trust and serve as an educational resource for industry newcomers. Having one-on-one conversations with Novel’s clients meant we got their authentic takes on the product and industry. Those conversations then became premium case studies and testimonial articles.

Verbatim’s partnership was key not only in publishing platform guides, but also in developing Novel’s unique brand voice. In a sea of dry SEO fodder, high-quality writing is crucial to attracting high-quality customers.

"More than 60% of post-demo requests ask to see a case study. Before Verbatim, I skirted around the request with general antidotes. After Verbatim, I have a full hosted landing page of brands, stories, and data that I can confidently share. They brought us the legitimacy we needed."


Verbatim’s content amplified Novel sales and grew pipeline by 15%.

Beyond establishing legitimacy and social proof, Verbatim’s partnership with Novel helped the company accomplish:

With a powerful content engine, Novel also engages its customers in new ways, such as giving them behind-the-scenes insights or highlighting cross-platform collaborations.

"Referencing our impact on customers during demo calls is nice. Being able to actually share a case study after that call that clearly articulates the challenge, story, and how we did it gets the close."