How Siena ramped its customer base by 30% in 5 months with Verbatim

See how Siena leveled up its brand awareness with valuable customer success stories crafted by Verbatim.

increase in customer growth
case studies shipped in 2 months

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“Verbatim makes everything very concise, structured, and on point when there are countless ways to deviate. They owned the content process from start to finish, helping us inform customers on what to expect from our platform.”

Lisa Popovici
Co-Founder and CMO at Siena


Siena needed quality content to build credibility in its one-of-a-kind platform

After launching in June 2023, Siena quickly began scaling up to meet rising demand, which posed a delicate hurdle to overcome. While the company experienced phenomenal growth, Siena’s co-founder and CMO, Lisa Popovici, wanted to showcase customer successes in a way that attracted prospects interested in their empathic AI solution.

Without a complete content team at her disposal, Lisa juggled various responsibilities that made it challenging to generate valuable social proof swiftly. While she saw the opportunity to create this content independently, she wanted customer success stories that appropriately reflected Siena’s capabilities for human-like interactions. That’s when she found Verbatim.

“We had amazing results to share, but we wanted more professionalism in our content to attract the right customers. That’s where working with Verbatim helped us build strong case studies and position Siena as a category leader.”


Verbatim’s agile workflow armed Siena with well-crafted social proof

Partnering with Verbatim bolstered Siena’s social presence with valuable customer-focused stories. Our collaborative workflow was particularly effective, from meetings and strategic planning to navigating customer feedback. Our structured approach led to quick progress on content deliverables, allowing Siena to leverage its powerful social proof right away.

Verbatim took charge of the case study lifecycle, seamlessly navigating from obtaining permissions and making introductions to conducting interviews and distilling customer wins into powerful social proof.

This hands-on approach alleviated the burden on Siena's resources, ensuring their team could concentrate on reviewing and refining the material for publication.

“What I loved about working with Verbatim was that everything is insanely fast. The workflow is consistent, from reaching out and interviewing each customer to delivering first drafts for review and launching it on social channels.”


Verbatim’s content engine helped Siena’s customer base grow by 30%

Since collaborating with Verbatim, Siena has seen the benefits of impactful customer stories and social media support — fueling customer and revenue growth and shaping how prospects see them in a growing industry.

The results speak for themselves:

As Siena continues their journey, the focus remains on sustaining organic growth and exploring new initiatives to engage with eCommerce brands. These customer stories are integral to the brand’s credibility and trust as awareness continues to grow.

“Actions speak louder than words, but these case studies show how great our platform is. We could’ve done it ourselves, but it would have been too rushed to dig into the details of every customer’s use case – that’s where Verbatim comes in.”