How TryNow 6x’d customer count in 4 months after engaging Verbatim

After onboarding with Verbatim, TryNow rapidly grew its pipeline with a best-in-class content engine spanning case studies, product marketing, and expert-driven assets.

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“When you’re buying a service, you're unequivocally buying the team. From top to bottom, every operator on the Verbatim team is genuinely best-in-class. Highly recommend.”

Benjamin Davis
CEO at TryNow


TryNow shifted from an outbound to an inbound GTM motion with a mature content function

TryNow’s founder and CEO Benjamin Davis knows that the best executive leadership goes beyond vision casting and galvanizing – it’s also in the less sexy work of derisking decisions.

In 2023, Benjamin’s team was ready to create and execute a content strategy. TryNow’s unique product would lead the way for an emerging market, so stakes were too high for the typical risks involved in creating an in-house content creation team. They knew a permanent talent hire would be an investment with the very real possibility of low-quality or misaligned content.

Products in new categories need to provide education, use cases, and social proof. This way, users can understand their need for a solution, the best tool or service for their needs, and learn to use it to its fullest potential. Putting those highly varied requirements in the hands of new hires or young freelancers was a no-go for Benjamin.

Plus, as a trailblazer, Benjamin’s startup needed the agility to test, learn, iterate, and even kill projects if needed. He knew the right agency would help with that.

“There's risk with in-house hires and freelancers, but there is zero risk with Verbatim. There are other ways we take chances, but our content was not something that we wanted to put at risk to get from 0 to 1.”


Verbatim’s repeatable content production system accelerated TryNow’s customer growth

Ben hired Verbatim to handle their initial content and was immediately refreshed to see how their team handled TryNow's case studies. Claire Musech and her content team performed interviews with TryNow’s users to extract success stories and convey that value to prospective clients. As they did, Benjamin relaxed, able to turn his full attention to more strategic decisions, knowing his brand’s content was getting the highest quality care and attention.

Within weeks of partnering with Verbatim, another benefit emerged: innovation. TryNow’s content strategy and execution team at Verbatim did more than produce compelling content — they generated creative distribution strategies, too. They were able to take the entire creation process off Benjamin's shoulders, from content market research to email newsletters and sales enablement copy.

“Digital marketing evolves on a quarterly basis. The value of content erodes over time. Verbatim’s team builds systems that extend the useful life of your content, so one effort turns into five other pieces. These multiplicative effects of Verbatim running your content are insanely helpful.”


After onboarding with Verbatim, TryNow produced more pipeline in 2 weeks than in the previous 90 days

Today, TryNow’s content creation processes are risk-mitigated and humming along, producing the self-fueled lead generating momentum that many startup founders seek. Their educational content now provides the knowledge necessary for merchants who want to learn more, and the case studies deliver the social proof they need to commit to TryNow’s value-creating solution.

Within four months of engaging Verbatim’s strategy and execution team, TryNow has seen:

After seeing TryNow’s rapid pipeline growth firsthand, Benjamin points out that any founder that has recently raised capital to double down on its GTM motion should partner with Verbatim – full stop.

“Verbatim’s team will take your content engine and redesign it from scratch, then place it on the right track and give it a push to get things going. Then, they offer the expertise and experience to help you keep it going in perpetuity at really high-quality standards.”