How Fondue grew qualified pipeline by 22% in 4 months with Verbatim

After getting acquired by Postscript, Fondue wanted to level up its content to scale demand gen. What was meant to be a short-term sprint with Verbatim turned into a year-long engagement.

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“Verbatim’s speed of delivery and 24/7 support is phenomenal. If something comes up, they’re all over it in minutes across Slack and every comms channel. Verbatim genuinely feels like an in-house content team.”

Oren Charnoff
Co-Founder & CEO at Fondue


Fondue needed a full-stack content partner to accelerated demand gen

Oren Charnoff, Fondue’s Co-Founder and CEO, knew that the full potential of the Postscript-Fondue partnership couldn’t be realized without a killer content strategy to grow its core CashBack product.

To effectively scale Fondue’s post-acquisition demand gen engine, Oren had two goals: fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads and convert those leads into revenue. Finding the right content partner would help Fondue achieve those goals, and Oren had a specific list of requirements:

Full-service execution. Fondue wanted a team that could do it all: pull customer success metrics, strategize the publication of those wins, and execute on the content creation process. The end product had to be clear, concise, and persuasive.

Reliable diligence. Fondue needed a content partner that didn’t require micromanagement from his staff. They needed to trust their chosen agency to make smart decisions.

Superior expertise and professionalism. The ideal partner for Fondue would have deep experience in their ecosystem and a track record of generating tangible results.

End-to-end technical ownership. Fondue’s leadership wanted a team who could own the whole process, from generating ideas to creating the content, designing graphics, and even shipping the work through the company’s on-site CMS.

Oren knew his standards were high, but he also knew the right content partner could achieve those goals.

“We needed a team that would hit the ground running and generate demand, without having me spend hours and hours micromanaging. That’s exactly what Verbatim delivers.”


Verbatim deployed a robust content strategy spanning case studies, original benchmark reports, and gated lead magnets

A year earlier, Fondue had relied on Verbatim to increase their pipeline volume and velocity after raising their seed round. Oren had seen Verbatim’s team execute content to serve specific marketing goals before the acquisition, so he knew they’d perform for Fondue again.

Onboarding was a breeze since a working relationship had already been established. Verbatim partnered with the Postscript content marketing team to ensure the Fondue’s Cashback messaging aligned and supported the post-acquisition strategy. Together, Verbatim, Fondue, and Postscript built a content engine and started shipping immediately.

They began creating all the marketing materials needed to collect, nurture, and convert new leads: case studies, gated lead magnets, and benchmark reports.The range of content tracked a buyer’s journey through the sales funnel and equipped Fondue’s team to build trust quickly and accelerate conversions.

“Verbatim's depth of industry expertise, spanning both ecomm and B2B, is impressive. Over the past 2 years, they've helped scale some of the fastest-growing startups in the ecosystem – and it shows.”


More qualified pipeline with an automated end-to-end content engine

Since renewing with Verbatim after the acquisition, Fondue now continually fills their sales queue with quality leads that convert, thanks to their robust content engine. Here’s a snapshot of their results:

As Fondue’s CashBack product continues to grow, Oren looks forward to Verbatim’s ongoing partnership to generate more demand on autopilot. With an always-on content function that he doesn’t have to micromanage on a day-to-day basis, he’s confident that Fondue’s organic growth is in safe hands.

“Verbatim is a true embedded in-house content team – and takes matters into their own hands to constantly test new assets and variants. Very few agencies or outsourced partners act like an owner – and that’s exactly what separates Verbatim from the pack.”