How Goody boosted revenue by over 150% with Verbatim

Learn how Verbatim built a demand generating content engine for Goody, amplifying their customer success and brand consistency for the long haul.

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Build a content engine that generates pipeline

Trusted by 148+ founders and content teams.

“Unfortunately, most agencies run on a feedback loop with writers churning out bad content with bad results. Verbatim operates under a completely different model.”

Oliver Citrin
Chief Business Officer at Goody

The Challenge

Goody needed an efficient content engine to boost customer awareness while ramping demand gen

As a gifting platform, Goody relies heavily on their positive reputation to build customer trust.

If someone is going to turn to Goody to send a gift to a loved one on an important day, the platform needs to present as undoubtedly trustworthy.

Content is a critical piece of building this trust — but executing it isn’t simple. It’s difficult to engineer grassroots content that is well-targeted while attracting varied audiences. Oliver Citrin, Chief Business Officer at Goody, also notes it’s very easy to “spend a shitload of money on ads that turn out little-to-no conversion.” Fortunately, he soon found Verbatim.

“With longer-form content, you can break it up and easily repurpose it. It’s far lower risk with a greater upside than traditional digital marketing.”

The Solution

Verbatim’s premium content model transformed Goody’s marketing into a highly valuable GTM channel

The team at Goody loves Verbatim due to the high bar of quality set by our content and our low-risk model, as relative to other growth channels. (There’s no scenario with Verbatim that forces you to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars over a few months.)

Today, Verbatim’s editorial and copy are high-value assets for Goody across various channels. Oliver emphasizes that the quality of our work far exceeds his experiences with agencies, who never truly understood Goody’s business or brand story.

“For written content, it’s key to tell stories from firsthand experience. Quality suffers when someone writes about an event they’re removed from.”

The Results

Goody boosted revenue by over 150% after deploying Verbatim's content engine

According to Oliver, Verbatim’s most pivotal contribution has been teaching the Goody team to view branding and content as living entities to cultivate and evolve with time. That framework has positively shaped their brand positioning and consistency for the long haul.

Now, they have a toolkit to continue independently growing and refining the content engine we crafted for them. That drives impressive metrics like:

“To this day, Verbatim’s fingerprints are all over the content we develop.”

Build a content engine that generates pipeline

Trusted by 148+ founders and content teams.