How Highbeam boosted organic inbound by 3x in 4 months

Learn how Highbeam worked with Verbatim to generate and distribute undeniable social proof — while ramping inbound leads as a result.

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“Verbatim’s content engine is a core part of our marketing strategy. We wanted to make it as genuine, educational, and useful as possible — and they understood the assignment.”

Samir Shergill
CEO at Highbeam


Highbeam needed content expertise to communicate their value prop and establish credibility

When the Highbeam team set out to develop banking tools for eCom founders, they knew they had a long way to go to establish credibility in the industry.

“Founders need undeniable social proof before they’ll trust you with their financials,” explains Samir Shergill, Co-Founder & CEO of Highbeam. “The problem was: How could we build this social proof?” Highbeam needed to articulate and communicate their value props to prospective customers — and content stood out as a powerful tool.

Then, according to Samir, “All we had to figure out was how to share user success stories without the in-house capabilities.” They began searching for a third party who could produce top-of-the-line content and transform it into a reliable growth asset. When Samir came across Verbatim, he realized he’d found a contender.

“I didn’t think that an outsourced partner could get the job done quickly and effectively at this stage. It all seemed too messy and niche to our company. It felt like it was my job as the founder to smooth it out first. Verbatim proved me wrong.”


Previously, Highbeam struggled with both the quality and the speed of iteration of their content. “We just weren’t doing it right,” remembers Samir, “so we didn’t trust anyone enough to hand it off to them.”

When they onboarded Verbatim, he was thrilled to finally have seasoned professionals shaping the Highbeam narrative. Since then, Highbeam benefits from the Verbatim solution in four major ways:

Benefit #1: Verbatim ships first-class content at a rapid pace

Too many freelancers and marketing agencies in eCommerce and SaaS need months to get up to speed. In comparison, Verbatim’s expertise in these two realms meant we instantly understood the nature of Highbeam’s product and got down to business — providing premium content with rapid turnaround and iteration times.

Benefit #2: Amplifying of Highbeam’s core value prop

No one on Highbeam’s existing team had the expertise to develop a strong GTM strategy. With our industry knowledge, Verbatim strategically took over this function on their behalf. The end result? A lean yet scalable content engine that drives demand.

Benefit #3: Verbatim preserves customer authenticity

One of Highbeam’s top priorities was maintaining the voice of their customers. Verbatim hit this nail on the head. According to Samir, reading our impactful case studies felt like reading “a friend sharing why they love our company.”

Benefit #4: Deeply attentive and personalized support

Samir emphasizes our combination of robust, tactical services with white-glove support. In his words: “Verbatim knows exactly how to get you from A to B. What’s even more valuable is they make all of the necessary stops and take smart shortcuts to support your team’s needs.”

“Verbatim strikes this fine balance between really high-quality content and rapid shipping pace. Their team is exceptional on every front, but what stood out was how quickly they understood why we do what we do. This instantly made us feel like we’re part of the same team.”


Thanks to Verbatim, Highbeam built a high-performing content engine that scales with the company

Before Verbatim, the Highbeam team didn’t efficiently connect with customers. Today, they finally have a professional content engine that articulates their value prop and gets them to market.

Here’s a snapshot of the results driven for Highbeam by Verbatim so far:

Looking forward, as Highbeam scales, they’ll need even more impactful content and B2B marketing expertise to bolster growth. Verbatim will be right by their side, ready to provide both.

“Some founders believe they can just figure out marketing. But, next time you think about DIY marketing, ask yourself whether you would shortchange your engineering team. You wouldn't. So, why shortchange your marketing? It's how your message gets out to your customers.”