How Nostra grew its sales pipeline by 5x with Verbatim

Nostra is nurturing leads, growing its audience, and staking its claim in an emerging market. With Verbatim, they were able to put high-quality, demand-generating content on autopilot.

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Build a content engine that generates pipeline

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"Our work with Verbatim has a strong cadence, actionable goals, and a clear path to success. It's a fully integrated, end-to-end marketing partner that moves insanely fast."

Harry Abram
Chief of Staff at Nostra


To drive leads in an emerging space, Nostra needed an experienced content partner

Nostra is an innovative product in a relatively new market. Built specifically for ecommerce brands, Nostra's Edge Delivery Engine and Crawler Optimization products combine to drastically reduce latency and improve Core Web Vitals, leading to improved CVR's & CPC's.

Harry Abram, Nostra’s Chief of Staff, believed content was the way to gain ground in this emerging space. He didn’t just want to find new customers, but create them, by educating prospects on what Nostra could do.

“Our space is essentially a blue ocean,” he explains. “Content expands the reach we’d have through product alone, exponentially multiplying word of mouth. The bigger our voice, the more people we educate on why they need us, and the more we can sell when the time is right.”

But Nostra simply didn’t have the in-house capacity for that kind of content production. Harry had recently been hired himself, and Nostra had only just started recruiting for other essential positions. Their team was hardworking, flexible, and dedicated to growth — but it just wasn’t possible to devote enough time to content or hiring and training an in-house team.

"Everyone on our team was wearing a lot of different hats. We needed to narrow our focus, so we brought on Verbatim to zero in on one thing: acquiring and educating customers with organic content."


Verbatim offers veteran content expertise — with startup-esque speed and agility

Nostra needed a partner with proven expertise — someone they could trust to handle the content process autonomously, from end to end. They found it in Verbatim. Today, our team handles every aspect of Nostra’s content production process, from client communication to copywriting and distribution.

Along with extensive content expertise and laser focus, Verbatim brings the agility a fast-growing startup needs. From day one, we’ve worked closely with Nostra, iterating and experimenting to discover the best ways content can educate customers, nurture leads, and establish authority. In less than six months, we’ve produced webinar decks, sales decks, case studies, partner collabs, and expert conversations which have cemented Nostra’s position as an industry authority.

Most importantly, Harry loves how he can feel confident introducing the Verbatim team even to Nostra’s biggest-name partners. “When we look at Verbatim’s site, we see other brands whom we know and respect,” he says. “It all comes down to experience and social proof.”

“The reality of being a startup is you never know what you’ll need next. Getting our voice right for many types of content is incredibly difficult — but that’s exactly why we went with Verbatim.”


Nostra 2x’d its customer count with Verbatim’s demand-generating content engine

Since partnering with Verbatim, Nostra’s investment in customer education has paid off. They’ve gained 2x more customers and significantly grown their pipeline — without creating additional work for their team.

Here’s a snapshot of their results:

With Verbatim, content is tightly integrated into Nostra’s operations, quickly evolving and pivoting along with their changing needs. Yet, there was no need to spend time hiring or training in-house — Verbatim had the experience and resources needed to hit the ground running.

The outcome? High-quality educational content that establishes authority, expands Nostra’s audience, and ultimately drives revenue.

"Bringing on Verbatim means hiring multiple great people to do it all — manage logistics, conduct interviews, produce content, and get it live. Verbatim really is the full solution that most startups can’t realize in-house."