How Rutter increased average contract value by 200%

Rutter wanted a strong inbound pipeline that would support sustainable business growth – and Verbatim was the perfect content partner to deploy it.

increase in inbound leads
increase in average contract value
hours/month saved on content production

Build a content engine that generates pipeline

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“Verbatim feels embedded into our team. They’re like an internal content expert who owns your entire process from end to end.”

Tuongvan Le
Head of Marketing at Rutter


Rutter needed content to attract inbound leads — but didn’t have capacity in-house

Since 2019, Rutter has built a strong reputation, known for making life easier for engineering teams with their Unified API. They’d let their product do most of the talking and saw impressive success with outbound sales.

But they had plenty of room to attract a healthy inbound pipeline as well. Tuongvan Le, Head of Marketing at Rutter, wanted to seize that opportunity by launching an active content function that shares real customer stories.

They had excellent ideas — but not the time or capacity to execute them. Le was Rutter’s sole marketer and managed their team of sales development reps. As a lean startup, hiring a full-time content team was also out of the question. That’s when Le started exploring B2B content agencies.

At first, she couldn’t find a partner she felt truly excited about — but she knew Verbatim was different right away.

“The Verbatim team are experts in their field. They proactively suggest ideas, and instead of being rigid, they're nimble with making adjustments based on our company’s changing needs.”


Verbatim turned Rutter’s customer stories into a flywheel for inbound lead gen

From the first call, Verbatim was focused on action. We prepared a strategic, personalized roadmap to building Rutter’s inbound channel: results-oriented customer stories, amplified from the CEO’s personal LinkedIn to his network of thousands of industry players.

By spotlighting the results Rutter had already created for businesses, case studies could help them attract more, similar prospects. To turn LinkedIn into a key acquisition channel, Verbatim also wrote social copy to distribute every content asset, which would be published on the CEO’s LinkedIn and boosted by the rest of the company.

For Le, Verbatim is the best of both worlds: taking the content lift off her own team while still feeling embedded within it. In her words, Verbatim offers all the value of an in-house content analyst. From start to finish, Verbatim provides hands-on execution, oversees strategy, collaborates on ideation, and gets content shipped and distributed.

“What stood out to me about Verbatim was the detailed proposal they shared. The other agencies we’d met with just blurred together. But Verbatim was very tangible about showing the value their team could bring from the get-go.”


With Verbatim’s content engine, Rutter increased their ACV by 200%

Rutter’s results speak for themselves. Since partnering with Verbatim, Rutter has seen their inbound pipeline multiply, both in lead volume and average contract size.

Today, Verbatim has enabled Rutter to go all-in on content without overloading their busy team. By tapping into our content expertise, Rutter unlocked a new channel for inbound leads that’ll scale with the company, helping them hit larger and larger revenue goals.

“Rutter has seen very tangible results from working with Verbatim. Prospects find our content on LinkedIn and then message our CEO, asking for a call. We’ve ended up signing some big logos this way.”