How SimpleHash 2x’d inbound pipeline leads in 4 months

Learn how SimpleHash gained back valuable time for its engineers when it partnered with Verbatim to create developer-focused crypto content.

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“Verbatim are world-class. Since following Adrian early on, I’ve been incredibly impressed by what they’re building. They’ve helped take our efforts to SimpleHash to another level — I’m so thankful we found them!”

Olly Wilson
CEO at SimpleHash


SimpleHash wanted to leverage social proof to drive pipeline – but didn’t have the expertise in-house

SimpleHash has built a reputation for its hyper-focus on producing NFT data that makes developers’ lives easier. Its engineers built a platform that almost any Web3 brand would want to use. With SimpleHash, companies can display NFTs on their site just like their other crypto assets. SimpleHash just needed a way to spread the word about its offerings.

Before working with Verbatim, SimpleHash posted its new feature updates on X (aka Twitter). However, Web3 is a nascent space where early-stage companies can’t depend on outbound or generalized outreach. Instead, social proof from big names — like Coinbase, Ledger, and others — pulls serious weight.

“We understood that writing content for a developer-focused crypto product is a huge undertaking. But Verbatim’s team absolutely nailed it – they deeply understood our product and built a best-in-class content flywheel.” – Josh Itzkovitz, Head of Growth at SimpleHash

And then there was the team’s bandwidth. Engineers needed to focus on building out their product. Producing their own content meant hiring an in-house content team — a time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

So the SimpleHash team searched for an external partner whose core competency was writing case studies and other variants of social proof. That’s when they found Verbatim.

“We don't really come from a content background. We're all a bunch of engineers, every single one of us. And we didn’t really understand the power of case studies. I think we knew social proof was important, but it wasn’t really well integrated within our own website.”


Verbatim helped SimpleHash build a social proof flywheel that consistently generated organic leads

SimpleHash already had a fantastic product. Verbatim simply illuminated its value so SimpleHash could share it with its audience of developers and new Web3 users.

Josh Itzkovitz, SimpleHash’s Head of Growth, says Verbatim is a far better fit for their content needs than keeping it in-house. Training an internal content team on the intricacies of their product would have been incredibly time-consuming — and then they’d still have to review and manage the content themselves. Verbatim’s content professionals already know how to execute every necessary component — even for a highly technical developer-focused product.

Our content created a flywheel effect in their network. By helping SimpleHash to create chatter in their space, we helped pull attention to their wins. SimpleHash then took advantage of this buzz to find new leads.

Josh says he also appreciates our process — we learn quickly, we double-check to ensure we have the messaging right, and we iterate quickly on any feedback.

“Verbatim actually helped us understand what our product does for others and how we can explain that to a seasoned developer. The way they’ve leveraged our social proof has proven to be insanely valuable for generating pipeline.”


Verbatim’s content engine helped SimpleHash grow impressions by 200%

Verbatim ushered in a critical shift in SimpleHash’s messaging: instead of focusing solely on product features, we proved why SimpleHash’s audience should truly care about its product.

Before working with Verbatim, Josh was spending at least 10 hours on content each week. He enjoyed writing about the product, but an engineer’s focus is a scarce personal asset. Josh knew engineering was where he made the biggest impact.

Once Verbatim took the content reins, Josh got back the time he spent interviewing customers, researching content opportunities, and coordinating all other content-related tasks. But that’s not all. SimpleHash’s customer base has grown dramatically since working with Verbatim – with a significant increase in revenue as well. Take a look at the numbers:

“Verbatim understands what we do. And when they don’t know, they ask. Then they build the content in a digestible fashion to help us talk about what people really care about.”