How Thread increased revenue by 80% in 4 months with Verbatim

Learn how Thread, the world’s first IT service collaboration platform, teamed up with Verbatim to lay claim in their market and elevate their product messaging.

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“When you’re building a new product category, you have to get the word out. Verbatim helped us get more prospects to experience that ‘aha’ moment about our value prop and to sign up for our platform.”

Matt Linn
COO at Thread


Content production and distribution proved to be costly, difficult, and time-consuming for Thread's in-house team

Between closing a new funding round and building their product, the Thread team had little time to focus on customer onboarding. However, they knew that in order to capture a slice of the market, they needed a scalable way to connect with users — without overloading their team.

According to Matt Linn, Co-Founder & COO of Thread, they’d tried producing content for customers before, but it all read like “brain dumps about product or partnerships” – something customers weren’t resonating with. In his own words: “No one in-house had the expertise or capacity that Thread needed.”

Luckily, Matt soon stumbled upon a LinkedIn post from Adrian, Verbatim’s Founder & CEO. A quick look at Verbatim’s website and content was all he needed to reach out.

“For early-stage startups, content is super, super important. We were working deeply on our product and didn’t have the time or knowledge to take up production. Luckily, I came across Verbatim and immediately got up on their website.”


Verbatim’s content engine helped build social proof, drive demand, and generate pipeline

After a smooth onboarding that inspired trust from day one, Thread’s top priority was producing high-quality content that speaks to both Thread’s value prop and their industry’s pain points. Here are the two key ways Verbatim helped achieve this:

1. Content bridges the knowledge gap between Thread and their end customers

A common problem for visionary companies is effectively communicating the value of their product. In Thread’s case, their service collaboration offering is a major level up from standard IT ticketing, which distances customers and support agents. To win the industry’s trust, Thread had to articulate their innovative product’s use cases and support them with meaningful metrics.

Through Verbatim’s case studies, they were able to do just that: illustrating their product benefits while speaking to the customers’ pain points. Plus, by sharing this content on social media, Thread created social proof and leveraged it to generate inbound interest. Overall, Verbatim has become essential for establishing Thread’s presence on the market and demonstrating their value proposition.

“Verbatim did a spectacular job of putting our product on our customers’ radar with their detailed, high-quality case studies. We have truly gone a long way, even though we are still an early-stage company.”

2. Premium content deepens your GTM relationships and channel partnerships

In addition to articulating your mission, a premium content engine can efficiently utilize your network. Prior to Verbatim, Thread didn’t have a consistent approach to partner engagement. However, after teaming up with us, they developed a detailed schedule with tangible goals — ultimately fostering deeper partner relations. In Matt’s own words, Verbatim has been foundational for “adding that drumbeat to network engagements.”

“Premium content adds this extra layer to our business. Before Verbatim, we only posted notes from our meetings. Now, we have a rhythm to it, an approach we know works — which is a tremendous win for us.”


Thread increased their customer pipeline by 500% after onboarding with Verbatim

Since teaming up with Verbatim, Thread has experienced a significant boost in both the quality and efficiency of their content output and distribution. Here are the metrics so far:

On top of our lean, speedy delivery of impactful content, Matt highlights the empathy of the Verbatim team: “We immediately felt that we could hand them off to even our most trusted customers.”

“Like any seed-stage team, we’re juggling lots of responsibilities. Partnering with Verbatim has driven a huge uplift. Using their content, we can finally share our perspectives with the industry.”