How Disco increased win rates by over 60% with Verbatim

Learn how Verbatim transformed Disco’s content engine to unlock multiple phases of customer growth – including a 29% boost in pipeline.

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Build a content engine that generates pipeline

Trusted by 200+ founders and content teams.

“Verbatim’s execution is flawless. The team is scary good. From kickoff to strategy, outreach to interviews and social copy, their quality is unparalleled.”

Dean Bakes
Head of Sales at Disco


Disco needed a content strategy to build credibility while driving more top-of-funnel leads

Tara Seruya, Head of Content and Community at Disco, knew that content was the flexible asset the company needed to build its core network of brands and shoppers that comprise and enable DiscoFeed. Most of the traction they’d experienced was generated by people chatting about their company on X and LinkedIn in threads about tech stacks and the challenges of growth marketing in DTC. 

Disco knew they needed to create more content to further enable those discussions – but building a content playbook from the ground up isn’t so simple.

Tara explains that they were looking for a professional partner they could trust to interview high-profile brands while creating quality product. And that partner needed to work seamlessly with their in-house content engine – which, at the time, was a team of one. Fortunately, Disco found Verbatim.

“Having Verbatim as an asset has been incredible. We wouldn't have been able to get Disco’s content function off the ground without them.”


Verbatim accelerated content deployment while building a repeatable demand gen function

We checked every box that Disco had thought up – from day 1. Tara emphasizes that from the initial kick-off calls, her onboarding experience gave her confidence that we could solve the challenges she faced as Disco’s sole marketer. In her words, the content calendar development process was “absolutely flawless.” 

From there, we independently led interviews to create final cut content and social copy. That process included:

  • Constantly coming up with creative ideas to drive pipeline
  • Deeply embedded responsiveness on Slack
  • Laying a foundation for future growth
“What’s beautiful about Verbatim’s work is that it’s evergreen, long-form content. We can cut it up in different ways and recycle and repurpose it over time.”


After building a content engine with Verbatim, Disco increased pipeline by 29%

Verbatim has profoundly impacted Disco’s ongoing product roadmap strategies due to the ongoing product testing mechanisms and exposure they’ve gained with our content. As Disco launches new product features and drives awareness in the DTC space, Tara says we’ve accomplished the goal of creating a content playbook that drives the referrals and acquisitions they need. Verbatim content led to notable metric wins, like:

The content also drove internal learnings for Disco. Due to our case study interviews, they understand that many clients may join them for lower CACs but stay for the Disco community – a rare attribute in SaaS.

“Verbatim’s execution is flawless. The team is scary good. From kickoff to strategy, outreach to interviews and social copy, their quality is unparalleled.”