How Smarty drove 250+ qualified leads in 90 days using Verbatim

Learn how Verbatim helped launch Smarty’s content engine to effectively drive warm leads and build the company's rapidly growing customer waitlist.

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Build a content engine that generates pipeline

Trusted by 148+ founders and content teams.

“We were looking for organic leads to grow our waitlist and have productivity influencers engage with our content for social growth and partnerships. Working with Verbatim has led to all of that and more.”

Denzil Eden
Founder at Smarty

The Problem

Smarty needed to launch a content engine to generate pipeline

The team at Smarty hoped to invest in the content marketing space to build their user base. They knew it was the most organic path to draw the right inbound crowd. Plus, they wanted to share their productivity insights in hopes of meeting like-minded users.

Denzil Eden, Founder of Smarty, needed help jumpstarting Smarty’s social presence on LinkedIn and Twitter. She knew it was the right move for her company, but deciding how to write and strategize posts is overwhelming.

When she explained this roadblock to one of her investors, they connected her with Verbatim.

The Solution

Verbatim's custom playbook rapidly deployed new content assets

With 2023 on the horizon, Denzil decided it was time to start driving content with Verbatim. She had fresh priorities for Smarty and needed to ramp up to a launch. So, the onboarding was swift — our two teams jumped right into strategizing, creating, and posting content. In fact, we had a schedule ready for her before kickoff. In Denzil’s words, “We really hit the ground running.”

From day one, the partnership evolved Smarty’s framing of content. They’re now coherent and concise on the issues of content pillars, brand positioning, and founder branding.

We’ve also improved Smarty’s ability to move quickly. They are crystal clear on what their focus should be in years to come, and we’ve shown them how to turn even the most enigmatic thoughts about their brand into engaging social content.

As for the tactical content itself, Denzil loves how its purpose is twofold:

The content is generally educational and on point for social readers.

Each post also serves as a test to find out what really resonates with their audience – helping Smarty sharpen brand tone and messaging.

“I love being able to take poorly articulated ideas or half-baked thoughts to Verbatim and have them teach us how to turn that into magical, engaging content. It's just been a dream working with Verbatim's team.”

The Results

Smarty drove more than 250 warm leads while reducing workload

Since Smarty began posting Verbatim content, Denzil has seen the biggest gains in post impressions and growth of their brand’s waitlist.

Today, so many new strangers connect, respond, and reach out to Denzil about Smarty and their related interests. It’s tangibly growing the brand’s community of supporters — just the other day, a UX interaction designer cold-offered to chat with Denzil about Smarty’s UX.

We’ve also transformed her workdays. She’s now spending up to 75% less time creating content and didn’t have to hire a full-time content person for her team.

Looking at the numbers, Verbatim has helped Smarty:

“Verbatim has had a huge impact on the Smarty team’s mindset around content marketing and how to do it well. That, I think, is one of the best things we got out of this partnership.”

Build a content engine that generates pipeline

Trusted by 148+ founders and content teams.