How Kunik increased revenue by 45% in 5 months with Verbatim

Learn how Kunik worked with Verbatim to build a high-performing content engine that generated immediate top-of-funnel interest and doubled inbound lead volume.

increase in revenue
hours saved per week
increase in inbound leads

Build a content engine that generates pipeline

Trusted by 200+ founders and content teams.

“Verbatim was the perfect content partner for us. The team provided the strategy, product, and end results — all while helping us A/B test content and staying flexible and agile to address our needs. Verbatim was our missing piece of the marketing puzzle.”

Liz Gulliver
Co-Founder at Kunik


Kunik knew content was a revenue unlock, but lacked time and resources

To scale efficiently, you have to present your mission and value prop to the right audiences at the right times. Kunik understood this to a tee and aimed to accomplish it with high-quality, well-distributed organic content. The only roadblock? There just weren’t enough hours in the day for Kunik’s lean team to add content creation to their schedules. They also weren’t ready to bring on a full-time content hire.

So, Liz Gulliver, Co-Founder at Kunik, decided to outsource — but only to a reputable, reliable B2B content partner. Whatever agency Kunik chose had to accomplish three things: bring in more qualified leads by driving top-of-funnel awareness, produce content in Kunik’s brand voice to elevate its message, and scale content strategically based on what brought in leads

“There were so many opportunities to get our message out there: white papers, case studies, social content, and more. It felt too gargantuan to even try tackling that with our lean team.”


Verbatim built a bespoke content function to drive inbound leads

When a fellow B2B founder recommended Verbatim to Liz, she was impressed by our proven track record and quickly reached out to schedule an intro call. After that first Zoom session, Liz was fully onboard. It was clear Verbatim brought both the B2B content expertise and the personalized touch Kunik required.

Before any content was written, our teams kicked off with a thorough onboarding. By combining Kunik’s brand mastery with Verbatim’s expertise in value-add storytelling, we mapped out strategic factors like opportunities for social proof (i.e., case studies with Kunik’s happiest clients), building a funnel between distribution on socials and opportunities to convert on-site, and the voice and values of the Kunik brand, as well as how those factors should vary from channel to channel.

After creating case studies, expert guides, and more, Verbatim also distributed on-brand short-form assets to amplify the content on Kunik’s socials and generate top-of-funnel leads.

“We wanted a content agency that would share their opinions and have the ideas and best practices to back them up. That’s incredibly valuable, and Verbatim brings it. They were happy to get in there with us and help steer the boat.”


Verbatim’s engine helped Kunik lift revenue by over 45%

Since teaming up with Verbatim, Liz emphasizes that Kunik didn’t just receive great content assets. Her team gained a high-touch partner and a deeper understanding of what actually resonates with their target audience. Looking ahead, as Kunik continues to scale and change even more workplaces for the better, the team knows they have a steady, impactful content strategy in place.

Here’s a snapshot of the results so far:

“The Verbatim team is constantly testing out new tools and new angles. Their feedback was centered on building a content engine that tangibly drives results. That’s an important and valuable distinction that made all the difference for Kunik’s marketing.”